Mobile Solutions

Fronde has experience in building solutions that extend enterprise reach and customer interactivity with mobile through:

  • Remote workforce management where they are collecting and wanting to transmit data while on the move
  • Business to consumer communication that is efficient, cost effective and timely
  • Mobile commerce

Mobile has become an increasingly important channel for businesses in their efforts to reach customers and to provide efficiencies in business process. This has long been recognised as presenting an opportunity for business; however the vision has been somewhat in advance of what the technology has been able to deliver.

With the advent of smarter, lower cost devices and improved mobile networks the technology is now able to deliver to this business vision. End users have also become used to and in fact demand services that they can access using their phone.

While many companies have identified mobility as an important component of their business, many struggle to know where to start and do not take a comprehensive view of their business and assessing how the various mobile technologies can help.

Over the past 10 years Fronde has developed unparalleled IP and experience in the delivery of mobile services and products to some very significant, well known international brands.