Insights from the latest in Mobility: Citrix Mobility Conference 2015


Maddie Rosenthal

By Maddie Rosenthal

The Wrap Up

The third floor of Sydney’s Hilton Hotel was flooded with IT professionals, influencers and strategists curious to uncover the latest in mobility, virtualization, networking and security trends at this year's Citrix Mobility Conference.

With over 800 guests attending, Citrix’s Vice President, Rob Willis, kickstarted the day with the event’s keynote speech, capturing the day’s theme around innovations that are propelling mobility, virtualization, cloud and collaboration in the workspace.

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Fronde’s Premium Partner, Google led one of the breakout sessions. Neal French - Head of Chrome & Android for Work in APAC, divulged to attendees on what mobility means in the modern world and the changing workspace, “Work is no longer where we go in the morning. Work is what we do - what we get done.”


Takeaways from Fronde's Senior Citrix Engineer, James Byrne

James: The standout session of the day for me was around Citrix's Workspace Hub and Octoblu. Octoblu was a next-generation demo from Citrix and those who missed the Citrix Synergy event would have been very impressed (as well as some who had already seen this). This highly scalable application for home and office allows you to interact closely and command your workspace. You can find out more about the Citrix Workspace Hub and Octoblu here.

On the day we were showcasing the Fronde Cloud Workspace solution to delegates. The Fronde Cloud Workspace solution removes hardware dependencies, moves software to the cloud and enhances collaboration for teams. One of Citix's recent releases; version one of Framehawk adds value to Fronde Cloud Workspace. Framehawk focuses on improving user experience on a variety of lossy, high bandwidth wireless connections. By utilising Framehawk on long haul, contended or lossy connections, users sessions that traditionally have been lagged and have had poor interactive performance will have a perceivable improvement. What's even more exciting is that in conjunction with NetScaler 11, Framehawk will soon be available to remote workers who are not connected to the corporate WAN. For more information about Framehawk, take a look here.

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