The Business Cloud: What Does it Mean for Me?



By Don McLean

The Cloud as We Know It

We all know that in business, it’s difficult to keep up with everything. In this day and age while everything evolves at the rate of knots around us, it can be hard to keep track of all of the technological innovation that is going on. What you need to realise is that cloud is the solution to all of your problems - you just don’t know it yet.

Even though the cloud has been around for a while to hold onto our happy snaps taken on a phone, or as a backup for our music collection, this exciting new technology has realistic, profitable and viable solutions for business operations to increase efficiency and enter the new digital age, without costing the earth.

What We Can Do For You

By taking care of this technological aspect of business strategy, we aim to allow you to go back to dreaming up big ideas and new concepts for the future of your company, working within an exciting new framework of the cloud. In fact, cloud technology is inherently designed to assist profitability, business growth and innovative thinking, and all of this works together to create a dynamic and functional platform, tailored to your business.

As an inherently innovative forum, cloud technology is built to provide a stable framework for creative thinking, new and developing ideas, as well as constructing models to implement this new material. There seem to be three different trends that big business are following to use the cloud as a tool for innovation, as seen at

Increasing Quality Productivity

1. Connecting existing records with new systems of engagement

Creating hubs of information and operational platforms to hold company logistics from multiple aspects of the business, including HR records, finance and marketing systems and integrating this data with email, social networking and online collaboration centres. This allows employees , clients and managers can access any information or system necessary to complete tasks that holistically work towards business goals.

2. Increasing speed, efficiency and rate of production of innovation

By deconstructing and segmenting operational processes, business managers are able to more clearly analyse where there are faults in any procedure, and alter these particular parts accordingly. By implementing and effectively using cloud technology, this segmentation process becomes easier and clearly represented online, allowing businesses to make these alterations in finer detail, and quickly share and use these major and minor changes.

3. Automating services to make way for human creativity

Enabling cloud technology to automate some aspects of future-oriented tasks allows the people in any one company get back to thinking about big ideas for strategies and specific ways to interact with clients and each other. Cloud technology is so advanced at this point that it can draw up business model plans, app interface and resource management, allowing the human element of a company think critically about what is most effective and what changes need to occur, without having to deal with the donkey work of actually implementing that change which can be very time consuming and inefficient as far as costs go.

Mind Your Own Business

Even though the details of any plan differ from business to business, most companies aim to increase profit and efficiency, while minimising lost resources. By strategically planning and working to implement technology to effectively deal with the hard yards, businesses are free to utilise human resources to think critically and creatively, instead of dealing with the minutiae of everyday operations.

Staying ahead of the curve with technology also gears a business up to staying with the waves of change, working to adapt and interact with new and exciting ways of communicating and make effective change for the better. Also, technology tends to build upon itself in its creation process, and so working to understand and integrate new forms serve a business well in the early stages, so that updates and add-ons can be seamlessly brought in without overhauling an entire system of operation.

Let Us Help You

By integrating cloud technology and the associated new ways of thinking and interacting, businesses can begin the process of implementing previously unexplored ways forward through growth, profitability and innovation.

We take care of the tech side of things, so that you can get back to dreaming up big ideas and running your business; the way only you know how. Let’s get coffee and have a talk about how we can tailor the cloud to help you.

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