Systems Integration

Fronde enables business outcomes through innovative design, development and integration of technology systems.

Whether it’s scaling your business for an influx of new customers, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business model, high quality systems integration is essential. You can experience a swift reduction in processes and manual activity, and allow for complete flexibility as your organisation moves forward.

Fronde is trusted by businesses and government to design, build and implement high quality business solutions for mission-critical services. Our industry knowledge and experience is critical to our reputation for creating innovative solutions for business challenges.

Over the past 22 years we have designed and built systems which run the power grid, provide traceability of meat exports and monitor attendance and performance of early childhood centres. These are just a few examples of the projects we have undertaken, and we have many more to share.

Our clients recognise our agile approach to solution creation, where the outcome is always at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on being good to work with, honest and pragmatic.

Our approach varies depending on your requirements, we custom build as well as configure and supply off the shelf products, working with your business and technology teams to create a business and technology outcome to support organisational priorities.

We have great expertise in a wide range of technologies, methodologies and engagement approaches. We:

  • Provide thought leadership in agile practices and methodologies.
  • Maintain a large team of highly skilled technical resources.
  • Specialise in development and integration on a wide variety of platforms and tools.
  • Provide panel services to government.
  • Have a heritage of building many successful, high quality Java and .NET based systems.
  • Deliver quick turnaround and high quality through a nimble resourcing model.
  • Pride ourselves on keeping on-top of emerging trends in cloud computing and mobility.

You will benefit from our culture of delivering purposeful outcomes. This focus has led to Fronde being recognised by our clients as a trustworthy development and integration partner and a safe pair of hands for your next project.


FarmIQ - Breaking free of the herd

“From the outset, our engagement with Fronde has been hugely successful.The level of contribution from Fronde towards a successful outcome is very refreshing and very welcome.”.

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TCL Logo normal2

TelstraClear launches BizGlobal with built-in TwoSecure

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Mortgage Choice goes Google

”There are many free applications in this space, but I have found the Mortgage Choice loan helper application to be one of the best featured and easiest to use.”.

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TEC gives web-based system the big tick

“The project and client support teams were amazing - almost always several steps ahead of us.They put in every effort so that we had full confidence in Fronde.”.

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ican logo

iCan - 88.7 million people, 63.8 million mobile phones, a new way to pay

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Bank of Philippine Islands launches mobile banking with Fronde

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Ministry of Social Development are extending their reach and customer interactivity with mobile

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EROAD develops game changing transport solution

"At EROAD we have a long road map of what we want to achieve as a business and we will definitely be continuing our partnership with Fronde to help us achieve our business objectives.".

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Southern Cross embraces rapid change to improve service

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MAF sees the wood for the trees with electronic biosecurity clearance solutions

“With Inbound Messaging, the work queue is visible from all of our offices.Staff can deal with an application from anywhere in the country which means that we can be more flexible with our resourcing.

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Ministry of Education eAdmin Programme

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