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Now more than ever, customers are expecting more from the companies they choose to do business with. They expect individualised service anywhere and anytime, with added value for them and their communities. However, too often companies are unable to deliver on these expectations. Customer data sits in multiple systems, processes are disjointed, and marketing, sales and service teams don’t have the tools and information they need to be effective.

Cloud CRM & Customer Engagement solutions are about connecting disparate data and processes to get a single view of the customer - without the cost, complexity and service burden of traditional solutions. Your teams can deliver a seamless experience, reducing cost to serve and creating loyal customers who spend more.

Fronde uses Salesforce technology to make your customer ideas a reality. We bring breadth of capability from customer strategy through to technology delivery and support, integrating processes and systems to break down silos and deliver an interoperable, single solution.

Drive performance across sales, service and marketing:

  • Greater sales effectiveness through better processes and reporting.
  • Greater marketing productivity through sophisticated marketing automation and an ‘always on’ digital presence.
  • Increased customer loyalty through a differentiated customer experience.
  • Reduced cost to serve through smarter use of digital channels and process automation.
  • Increased collaboration with employees and partners through social enterprise.
  • Increased innovation with customers through social communities.
  • Address process gaps through the rapid development of business apps.


 Watch the video to see how AirBP uses the power of a Salesforce solution.




The world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) solution, delivered by Fronde - Salesforce’s Platinum partner in the region.

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Why Salesforce,
Why Fronde?

From customer and channel strategy through to technology delivery and support, we offer the full range of services to make your customer ideas a reality. We integrate processes and systems in a way that breaks down silos to create an integrated and interoperable solution. More and more Government organisations and businesses choose Fronde because:

  • We're a Salesforce Platinum partner and one of ANZ’s leading service providers.
  • 100+ Salesforce implementations including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and partner products.
  • 10 years experience with Salesforce and a 23 year heritage in complex systems integration.
  • One of the largest teams of certified Salesforce consultants in Australasia - draw from our collective experience to get a best-practice implementation.
  • Experts in Agile project management, a flexible method that enables companies to incrementally build and deploy Salesforce whilst improving business engagement.
  • Deep technical know-how to integrate with your processes and systems.
  • Specialists in making your apps mobile and doing bespoke development for your digital channels.
  • Proven capability having implemented Salesforce at the largest, most complex clients through to the smallest and most nimble.

Cloud Solution Liberates Localist

“We have a solution that is principally invisible to the users, I didn't want technology to be a barrier to the business, I wanted it to be an enabler to the business.”.

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Digital Transformation helps charitable trust streamline their internal work processes.

“I can already see that Salesforce is going to make this process a lot more efficient and consistent, I can focus more on our clients rather than the internal paperwork and manual analysis.This is going to help us continually improve our services to our clients.”.

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Mercury Energy uses cloud computing successfully

"We were looking to create a low cost service platform and we were interested in the opportunities that cloud technologies could bring.

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Teach First NZ streamline processes with Salesforce

Teach First New Zealand are an innovative not-for-profit organisation that engages New Zealand’s top graduates and career-changing professionals in contributing to tackle one of our country’s most pressing challenges – educational inequality.

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MSD puts ruler to communication; Salesforce provides answers

“Salesforce helps us to be smarter about communication.We’re able to see what works and back it up with stats.”

Kevin Lee | Digital Advisor | National Communications | MSD.

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AirBPLogo sends AirBP into the cloud

“This process has been identified and awarded the “Best act of simplification” for Air BP’s Global Operational Awards.As it is seen as a way of improving the efficiency of our operation.

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