Fronde is fully committed to the goal of Corporate Social Responsibility and the role we each can play in achieving it.

Being Green

We actively assess our suppliers for the sustainability of their procurement processes. For example, we buy our paper from Fuji Xerox because they comply with the Green Purchasing Network guidelines for printing and copying paper procurement. Their paper products are sourced from suppliers with proven and internationally recognised environmental certifications, committed to the sustainable sourcing of their raw materials.

We encourage employees to run, walk or cycle to work by providing showers and and towel services, along with storage for bikes and lockers. We have also reduced the need for travel between our Auckland and Wellington offices by using a dedicated videoconferencing facility, Chromebooks for Meetings.

Fronde continues to assess our processes and systems in order to reduce our environmental impact. We ensure all our employees adhere to our clients' environmental policies as well as our own.

Supporting Youth in IT

In terms of supporting the wider community, Fronde is extremely passionate about bringing youth into IT and securing the pipeline of ICT professionals in New Zealand.

There are a number of ways in which we encourage youth to get involved including our own Internship and Graduate programmes, our partnership with Futureintech in which we actively send out our smartest digital natives to speak to high school students about careers in IT, and sponsoring awards such as the CIO Engaging Youth in IT Award, and The Hi-Tech Young Achiever Award.

The Wider Community

Part of our mantra is pitching in where we can and being true team-players. This extends to our wider environment and are proud to support our community in a variety of ways such as donating time, money and effort to causes our people care about.

If you would like Fronde to consider supporting your cause you can contact: